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The Storytellers

Changing a business change consultancy

Put simply The Storytellers help large companies improve performance by using storytelling to engage staff with strategy and change. Why it works and what makes them so succesful however is a lot more complex, involving detailed psyhchology and quite a bit of science.

We worked with The Storytellers on communicating this process and system to prospective clients without overwhelming them. Our first step was to transform a basic diagram they had created for this new programme, called ‘The Storytellers Blueprint for Change’ into a visual system that brought it to life and fitted with their existing identity. To do this we introduced a triangular grid, inspired by the Greek letter Delta (∆) meaning ‘change’. This became the basis for the ‘Blueprint’ diagram and influenced the format for all of the marketing materials, including a series of guides. We also introduced illustration to lighten some of the complicated concepts and to portray the humour and fun behind the intelligence of The Storytellers.

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‘Cai and Kyn are great to work with. They really understood our brief from the outset and delivered a very creative solution that subtly moved our brand to the next level. I’d recommend them to anyone!’
Alison Esse, Co-founder and Director