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PRS for Music

Campaign for a music licensing organisation

PRS for music provides licences for businesses giving them permission to play music on their premises, from small cafés to football stadiums. Around 90 percent of all the money collected goes back to their members enabling them to create new music which in turn benefits everyone. This sounds fairly straightforward but it can get quite complicated. They have 110,000 members, there are 44 different licence options and they are collecting and distributing royalites in nearly 100 countries.

For PRS it’s important that their customers understand why they have to pay a license fee. Our job was to put this information together in a the form of a sales booklet. It needed to look fun and engaging, something business owners from small cafés to large retailers would want to read. We did this by commissioning a series of light-hearted illustrations by Tane Williams. Tane’s slightly bonkers style was a great counter to the heavy legal content of the booklet. 

The campaign was really well reiceved and we were subsequently asked to produce an additional two brochures, a direct mail promotion and idents for all of the different business tariffs that PRS have.

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"Working with Cai & Kyn has been an utter pleasure as they completely immersed themselves in the project, gained a full understanding of our overall objectives and went above and beyond to deliver an engaging and creative design. From this we have worked with them on several side projects and throughout, their professionalism, dedication and great work ethic has shone through."
Karen Campbell, Marketing Manager, PRS for Music