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Kodachrome Magazine

Issue 02 - The Power of Limits

Kodak are known as one of the world's best photographic film brands and pioneers of digital photography, but after choosing to remain focused on the analog side of photography, have had some very public struggles with the industry's switch to digital.

Kodachrome magazine is a quarterly(ish) publication that sees Kodak rising from the ashes and celebrating the resurgence in analog culture that has been booming in recent years. It features film, photography, art, music and culture from some of the world's leading figures in their fields. Issue 02 included Tom Beard, John Hanhardt, and a look back at NASA’s lunar imaging team.

We design all aspects of the magazine, commission illustration and work closely with our good friends at Stranger Collective who generate all of the amazing content.

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“Issue 02 looks amazing. I can’t stop staring at it and smiling.”
Joshua Coon, Director of Content, Kodak