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Creation of a design-led brand aimed at dads

D.A.D is a digital media brand that was created to reflect the demands and needs of today's dads - delivering news, advice and entertainment that captures the reality, and sometimes hilarity, of being a modern dad.

Having both become dads within a couple of years of each other, we spent a lot of time talking about our kids and fatherhood. This led to discussions about why there weren’t any decent media outlets or brands dedicated to modern dads. So, we created our own.

D.A.D was born in 2014 as an online magazine and then added to in 2015 with an online store selling awesome design products for kids. We created a strong and distinct brand that really appealed to dads and received a huge amount of positive feedback. We went on to create a print magazine using some of the best online content and curated D.A.D pop-up shops at Clerkenwell Design Week, Top Drawer and Design Junction.

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